KJ Afterschool, LLC

Founded in 2012, KJ has been a place for students in grades K-8 to wind their day down with friends and a caring staff in a safe environment where homework and play are done each day.  

We offer 3 options for our families that are flexible week-to-week!

4-5 days/week $65

2-3 days/week $50

Drop-in (1 day) $25

As long as you are registered with our program, you can utilize any of the 3 options any week.  You are not locked in to one option.  So if you need us more one week and less another - you'll only pay for what you use!

We thank you for being a part of our program and look to serve your child(ren) through social snack time, dedicated homework/reading time, and outdoor/gym play time.  

Child Safety


Most important to us is the safety of the children in our program.  We offer low student-staff ratios where staff are attentive to our students' needs and proactive in our approach to the students in our care.  

Our Outstanding Staff


In The


Payments are due before attending KJ!  Please make sure your child is paid for in advance (or arrives with payment if a drop-in student) so they can be admitted to KJ.  Students who are not paid for cannot attend.  If you forgot...click on the Paypal button or email us that you will have payment at pick-up.